USFba Certified referees

USFbA Level 2 Officials (those referees deemed by the USFbA Director of Officials to be capable of officiating at the highest level in the United States) will receive $7.00 per game.

USFbA Level 1 Officials (all other referees, including those with some experience officiating floorball at various levels) will receive $5.00 per game.

All referees are expected to be well-versed in the rules of the game and the hand signals. A version of the official IFF Rulebook can be found here: Referees will be scheduled according to their participation in previous USFbA matches and tournaments. A schedule will be posted at the venue.

To download a the rules of the game, click here


referee/score keeper Schedule

  • score keeper away home time Referees
  • Klas Berghede San Francisco B Mtn View FC 8.00 #1 Andrew/Kyle
  • Klas BerghedeSoCal FC San Francisco W 8.45 #2 Vince/Henri
  • Klas BerghedeMtn View FC San Diego FC 9.30 #3 Vince/Calle
  • Klas BerghedeSan Francisco W San Francisco B 10.15#4 Andrew/Henri
  • Klas BerghedeSan Diego FC SoCal FC 11.00 #5 Vince/Steve
  • Klas BerghedeSan Franciso W Mtn View FC 11.45 #6 Henri/Andrew
  • Klas BerghedeSoCal FC San Francisco B 12.30 #7 Steve\Kyle
  • Klas BerghedeSan Francisco W San Diego FC 13.15 #8 Andrew/Vince
  • Klas BerghedeMtn View FC SoCal FC 14.00 #9 Calle/Vince
  • Klas BerghedeSan Diego FC San Francisco B 14.45 #10 Steve/Kyle
  • Klas Berghede4th 1st 15.30#11 TBA
  • Klas Berghede3rd 2nd 16.15 #12 TBA
  • --- Third Place GameLooser Game 12 Looser Game 11 17.00 #13 TBA
  • --- Fifth Place Game5th Looser Game 13 17.45 #14 TBA
  • --- GG CUP FinalWinner Game 12 Winner Game 11 18.30 #15 TBA
  • Please take note of the times you are scheduled to referee and be sure to direct any questions regarding rules, schedule, level, etc. to the Head Official of Golden Gate Cup, Vince Faso.

Vince Faso, Phone # (559) 906-3344,